Money transfer via coins on whatsApp, facebook is developing new cryptocurrency | News Raftaar

Facebook’s Ownership messaging app now allows users to transfer money through WhatsApp Coins. Many large social media and messaging companies are working to bring crypto currency and Facebook has also joined this list.

Mainstream companies are trying to give customers the option of crypto currency in the coming days and very soon it will enable users to transfer international money through Venmo and PayPal. Due to the large userbase of WhatsApp, this will be the first look.

Money transfer project
-Money-transfer project is being led by Facebook through messaging apps through digital WhatsApp

-The company is working on a coin that WhatsApp users can transfer instantly to their friends & family. On condition of anonymity, the people associated with these projects shared information about this

-It was said that this Facebook project is quite big and the company is also talking to the Consumers with the crypto currency exchanges to sell Facebook coins.

How money will be transfered?
-This method of money transfer will be very easy and fast. For this, you have to send some coins to the other receiver like a message and it will receive the value of the coin.

-What will be the value of a coin, it will be decided later. This method will be very fast and with this help, digital money can be sent or received from abroad.

-Whatsapp is not the only platform, with the option of crypto coins. Many messaging apps like telegrams and signals are also working on their coins.

However, in a statement, Facebook did not say anything directly to the project related to Digital Coin.
-The rest of the companies refused to say anything on their projects. Most are working on digital coins, which will remain on the decentralizes computer network and remain independent from the companies that make them.

-Just like bitcoin, it would be very easy to transfer new crypto currency from one country to another. Let us know, Messaging companies may have to face some difficulties related to certain rules and technology.